Day 293 – Meteor Shower

I have not been writing as much. I mean, I am writing. I am writing a lot. I write close to 2000 words a week for my clients (blogging and social media) and other personal projects that are blossoming into life at the moment. It’s so weird to be “ok” with letting this have a little space while the planets realign due to a full blown star dust filled meteor shower raining down into my life lately.  Spectacular, brilliant, fucking scary, at times – devastating and Divine. I often think about some life advice my mom gave me once that sticks with me – “Don’t get too attached when life is going good – because it is inevitable that things will get hard at some point; and don’t ever lose hope when things are hard – because they will get better.” It’s interesting when life guides you back towards the altar of your own personal judge – the inner voice whose potential to heal can just as easily turn on your and become your worst enemy.

It’s a sacred and tender space right now I guess you could say.  And, it is ok and raw and beautiful and painful and so bright with truth and transparency that you lower your eyes in humility at the gloriousness of it all. Life and it’s lessons and full circles and your complete and total inability to hide from yourself.

Tonight I am remembering that it is ALL the path. All of it. There are no detours anywhere. The good, bad and the meteor showers. We are all here in this moment, breathing this very breath because of each and every thought, experience and action that has come before it.

Much love. #365things


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