Day 286: Signs You Don’t Care What Anyone Thinks Anymore



  • You leave your brush and makeup at the yoga studio where you teach one weekly class – and then, every morning, for a whole week, you vow to drive the whole 10 minutes it would take to get to the studio and get your things. Nope. Not me. I went a whole week without brushing my hair. Can you say dreadlock?
  • You are basically scraping the end of the deodorant onto your pits – and every morning for a week you tell yourself to drive to the grocery store which is less than one mile from your house – to get some more. You keep the Jason stuff here as a back up – but in reality it just never gets used because it does not work. It’s pretty amazing how you really smell when you are not masking it with something else. FYI – new deodorant did manage to make it’s way into my bathroom, although I was not the one who went and got it. #ripe
  • Laundry. I think aside from sharing photos of #SirEllisRoy, I have probably posted about laundry and how it literally haunts me. I mean, how can three people go through so much? This week was a record week. We literally kept throwing the clean clothes onto the bed in the spare room until there was like at least seven or twelve batches all over the bed. THEN WE JUST CLOSED THE DOOR AND PRETENDED LIKE THEY WERE NOT THERE.
  • Every. Single. Time. You leave the house your breasts are somewhat hanging out.
  • PJ’s, real clothes, pi’s, real clothes, pi’s, real clothes… I think I forgot the difference somewhere along the way. Basically, whatever is clean works.
  • You some how, accidentally, glance at the back of your upper thigh, where a razor has not been for waaaaay too long and that almost makes you care, but not enough to shave your legs the next time you are in the shower.

I’m like, whatever. At least it gives me something to write about. On the plus side, Ellis’ top two teeth cut through so we moved him down to a Stage 3 Clinger from Stage 5. #365things


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