Day 278: Friends for Life

IMG_3303.JPGMy first reaction to this picture of #sirellisroy and our neighbor, Calaan was, “Wow! He looks like they have just been friends forever!” And, then I laughed because Ellis HAS been friends with her forever.  Literally. For his whole life.

You gotta wonder what their little minds are thinking and what their little hearts are feeling when he recognizes faces and voices (other than ours). It just makes my heart sing to see him spreading his cheerful spirit with those around him (and the two teeth he got last week DEFINITELY helped A LOT with the cheerful spirit part!).

I am in countdown mode now for his first birthday, which is this Saturday the 11th. Is it possible? Can’t he just stay this small and sweet forever? Nah, I don’t really want him too – but it’s nice to jump on the bandwagon and romance the idea every once in a while.

#365things #bff



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