Day 275: That’s a Wrap


Lights, camera, action! Wrapping up filming three yoga videos this afternoon. An 18 month project and collaboration with Rebelle Wellness finally coming to fruition. The videos are in collaboration with their 30 day Wellness Alchemy Detox Guidebook. We will facilitate a live, online detox experience starting November 1st.

It’s funny, the message and intention behind the videos are to nurture yourself more. As I was getting dressed to wrap up the shooting today I felt this old self-conscious story rise up in me saying that I wasn’t good enough to be filming a yoga video or I wasn’t fit or flexible enough to be filming a yoga video or I wasn’t strong enough to be filming a yoga video. The truth is, I’m happy enough to film a yoga video. I’m clear enough about what I want to share to film a yoga video and I am living what I am teaching everyday so that makes me feel inwardly confident enough to shoot a yoga video.

I am learning how to take care of myself. It is not because I pushed myself to the limits, it’s because I’m giving myself a break. It’s not because I’m acting or practicing in accordance with what someone tells me I should be doing, it’s because I’m listening to what my body needs and I am doing that.

Big thanks to my hubby for being there with me every step of the way, to Exhale Yoga Studio for opening their space and allowing us to shoot there, and to Balzotti Creative for her editing expertise.

Watch this space for more details on how to sign up for the detox coming very soon (like tomorrow or go visit for a sneak preview). That’s a wrap… for now. #365things #everydaymindfulness day 5


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