Day 274: Empty Handed


#Sirellisroy and I followed this couple all over Tanger outlets today. I was supposed to be shopping for new outfits for all of us because we are having a family photo session to celebrate Ellis’ first year here on earth but every time I walked into a store he was sort of not having it. Secretly, I was relieved because I have no sense of fashion, or trying to strategically dress three people for a photoshoot. It was stressing my out and Ellis must not have been feeling it either. So we just aimlessly wandered, looking at fountains and then latched into these two lovebirds for a while.

It just makes you appreciate EVERYTHING to see this. It makes you take a deep breath and JUST KNOW THAT ITS ALL GOING TO BE OK. They are not holding hands because their marriage, their lives have been perfect. They are holding hands because it hasn’t been. Because through it all they still reach out for one another. It’s a reminder that for those of us who eat, sleep and breathe the need to grow and love and love more that there is HOPE that that part of us, if we remember to take care of it, will live and love on so that we, too, will still feel the warm embrace of another’s hand in ours as we become the elders.

I took a deeper breaths today walking behind them than I have taken in a yoga class in months because I didn’t have to “request” or remember to turn up the corners of my mouth. I did not have to consciously open my heart and feel and see light there. It just was. The breath, the smile, the light. It was all there. And Ellis was singing, too.

I came home empty handed but full hearted. #365things


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