Day 272: What’s Your Story?


“Do you ever struggle between telling the story you love — the story that burns you up inside — vs. the story you think the world needs to hear from you — the story you think you “must, should, ought to tell”?”

Ahh, the epic drama of my life. What is my story, who am I telling it too, WHY am I telling it and the end all be all – Will I ever make a living at it?

I wrote THIS a few weeks ago and I consider it to be, perhaps, some of the best wisdom I have gleaned after having a child and stepping away from “who’s doing this and who’s doing that and what am I doing {nothing}” game I played with myself for years and years. I like this new wisdom friend and I intend to keep her around, very close actually.

Maybe this whole #365things is just a little bloggy thing and nothing more. Want to know the truth behind it all? I’d love to turn this into a book. I’d love nothing more than take my passion to share, serve and connect through this writing project and create something that has the potential to serve, share and connect on an even bigger scale. Maybe my whole little “tea party” fetish is just a phase and will fizzle out if I succumb to the voices in my head that “I’ll never have a successful business*” (a.k.a. MAKE MONEY).

I am thankful for wonderful, talented and beautiful friends who HAVE found their voice AND have organized it in a way that they would love nothing more than be a pink neon light along this dark street in my mind where the street sign reads, “WHAT’S NEXT?” Friends like Andrea Balt, co-founder of my favorite website, Rebelle Society, fellow collaborator in November’s 30-Day Wellness Alchemist Detox, author, alien and creative troublemaker who will be teaching this online class to support me (and many other wandering creatives) in developing our own visionary tool box to be able to extract out the essence of our truth – and then use that truth as a guiding principle in how we share, put together, “brand” (if you will) and communicate our message.

I am confident in my body of work. I’ve been “sharing, serving and connecting” my whole life. I WANT, I mean I DESPERATELY WANT to create an offering to my community that is of value. I want to be clear as to what it is I am creating. Let this be heard and known and let it be my intention. So it is. Swaha.

This class is going to be super fun. Check it out here and if you also have a deep desire to share your story – come get into some creative troublemaking with us.


*I do consider myself very successful in business. I have had a social media business for five years and am always as busy (or busier) than I want to be. I am talking about finding a way to marry doing what it is I absolutely, positively LOVE with making a living. This has been a learning curve for quite some time – but I’m determined to climb.


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