Day 271: My Nemesis – The Laundry Basket


This is a picture of a laundry basked filled with clean clothes. Clean clothes that only a few short days ago were folded and stacked neatly ready and waiting to be put away in their respective drawers and bins. Over the last four (or so) days the clothes have come out of the basket and put onto the bed to be put away, then put back in the basket because I was too tired to put them away and then the basket was rummaged through several times as I looked for clean underwear – which of course was on the bottom of the basket so I messed up the neatly folded stacks – only to then make a few more attempts at reorganizing the clothes on the bed and then (you guessed it!) the clothes ended up back in the basket again. I hate laundry. That’s all for today.

#365things #laundrysucks


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