Day 269: A Husbands Amazing Tribute to His Wife (who is away on vacation)

I saw this on my good friends Facebook page and immediately started bawling crying and asked him if I could repost on my blog as a tribute to my mama friends everywhere, because, well, you are all so awesome.

(he also posted this image to go along with his wonderful words)


Although, I’ve always been appreciative of her this is how I view my wife…

She has only been on a well deserved vacation for about 15 hours and I’m already overwhelmed.

I was late getting Anna Mae ready and dropped off, barely getting Sean to school on time – and that is with clothes and lunches already prepared by my Super wife (before she left town). I’m off duty today. I got Sean to wrestling and was unprepared to have Anna Mae out for that two hour jaunt…”Daddy, I need juice. I need a cookie” I forgot it all.I made something resembling a dinner. Let me put it this way- we can catch bass in the pond behind our house. Anna Mae is in bed with same clothes she wore today (no bath). I stepped in chihuahua shit next to our piano. Totally missed it trying clean up but only made it worse. Tried to help Sean with homework until we both realized I’m in over my head….Keeping Anna home from daycare tomorrow because left to me she will show up looking like a refugee…so I will just hide. Sean ate dinner over the sink and Anna ate hers sitting on the bed.

My birthday was a few days ago and my wife referred to me as hard working, and I am…I’m either home or making $$, but you, Lynn Nelson Quinn, are a super hero…teacher, mom, wife, daughter, sister, aunt and hottie.
Hurry Home…

#365things #whatallmamaswanttohearsoemtimes #dadforthiewin


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