Day 268: Yep, That’s a Dog Bone


DISCLAIMER: THE DOG HAS NOT EVEN PLAYED WITH ANY OF THE 27 DOG TOYS WE HAVR BOUGHT HER! (and I don’t really just let #sirellisroy chew on dog toys all day long, AND, I am sure he has had worse in his mouth).

The whole intention behind this photo actually had nothing to do with Ellis and the fact that he crawled over and started chomping on a dog bone. That’s just an extra bonus. Please note, if you will, the amazing dinosaur village in the background that I built.

So my survey questions for other parents actually are:

Have you ever been disappointed when you’ve spent time building things for your kid and then they just come over and knock it down? (not to mention being completely uninterested in the fact that you made sure the dinosaur that’s an herbivore is eating lettuce and carrots and the ones that are carnivores are eating a duck and a bone – both dog toys)

And, while you were so busy building your dinosaur village, have you ever forgotten to pay attention to your kid and they start doing something unsafe or gross (like chew a dog bone)?

Thanks in advance for your help with my survey. #365things


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