Day 267: Everywhere I Look


They say when you are in love, you can see the object of your desire in all things. And I’d add onto this philosophy with “and you cannot escape it.”

No matter how tired, frustrated, or challenged I can get with my parenting journey, this face – THIS FACE RIGHT HERE – I can’t help but love it to bits.

I can’t wait for him to take a nap so I can get things done only to then want to hold him and stare at him while he sleeps. I can’t wait to bring him to his little moms morning out program because my to-do list is currently a mile long and then I am counting down the minutes to go and pick him up just so I can see his face light up when I walk in the room. I ask Carl to take him so I can do something like, say, go to yoga class, but if they are both being super cute before I leave, well, let’s just say that sometimes I don’t leave. You can’t escape your heart. Especially when it’s grabbing onto your pant legs most of the time. #365things #sirellisroy #love

P.S. Big thanks to all of you who have been supporting me through a bit of a rough patch this last week. I try to show up here as authentic and transparent as humanly possible – AND I also look at this writing project as an opportunity to pause and reflect on the perspective I have on my own reality. There have been many occasions where a so called “negative outlook” may have been turned around just by writing about it and giving myself the space to actually see it there on the screen and then giving myself PERMISSION to change my reaction or response. And then there are days, like Monday, when I was just too damn tired to reflect, but generally, it truly is those challenging moments when we have the opportunity to notice we have become completely disconnected from loving the life that is right here. I’d love to say that I showed up and lived my life from that space, so I’m saying it. Also, thank you to those friends who just allowed me to show up and have a bad day without trying to fix it or compare or point out or ask me to be grateful or anything else but just hold space. Sometimes, that is all you need.


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