Day 250: TBT #BabyBelly


Hard to believe, isn’t it? Is is just me or does it feel like #SirEllisRoy has always been here with us? It’s an intense time of reflection inside this heart of mine. So much has changed and just when you think you can’t change or grow anymore, you get cracked wide open by the sharp edge of love and your love guts spill out all over, everywhere. You can’t clean them up, because it is actually you expanding outwards so there is more space for change and growth. The difference between then and now is that I had  this big ol’ belly to prove I was actually growing.

And, just for the record, no, this year has not gone by fast. There have been some PAINFULLY slow days and EXCRUCIATINGLY long nights.

Let the countdown to #sirellisroy’s first birthday begin. #partytime #365things



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