Day 245: I Got It From My Mama



I get lots of things from my mama. My olive skin that will age beautifully (thank you!), my brown eyes and long legs and full lips. I don’t know yet if I will inherit the high blood pressure that runs in our family but I do know that I definitely “worry” just like my mom. I have her intuition and her common sense. I am also a connector and I love to bring people together, and she is just the same. We are both the oldest of five children and with that I am sure we both feel a need to “take care of” in every sense you can image those three little words make.

I hear a lot of people say things like, “I am turning into my mother.” While I know we share many qualities, I think my mom would rather hear me say something like, “I am turning into my own person, thanks in part to so many amazing gifts I share with my mother.” I think that, at least for me, that is what feels more real and authentic.

With that being said, there are MANY things these days, especially after I have had a child, that come out of my mouth that I clearly know I have heard my mom say or things she has taught me over the course of my 36 years. I consider myself to be extremely lucky and blessed to have not only an amazing mom, but also a best friend in the person she is also growing into, each and every day.

My mom is my mom, of course. But that is only to me and my brother. She is “Kathy” to the rest of you. A woman, a human being. Someone who is still trying to figure out the next steps to her own ever-evolving journey. These days I prefer to see her more as “Kathy” – as a full person with a full past behind her and future in front of her rather than this idea of “mom” that puts her on a pedestal and sort of captures only an idea of her in time and space instead of a billion dimension living and breathing Divine being.

I hope that I can again follow in my moms footsteps and have a similar relationship with my own children one day. That we can strike our own imperfectly perfect balance of parent, friend, confident, guide, mentor, etc.

I just want to wish my own mom so many blessings on the new chapter of her life she is getting ready to begin. At the end of this month, after 10 years of exploring her own yoga practice, she will start a yoga teacher training with the amazing Lauren Toolin at Heartspace in Albany, NY. I’ve never been so excited to be a witness to what will surely be a transformative experience in someones life. She already offers the world around her so much greatness, grace and beauty – but all I can say now is, “World, watch out!”



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