Day 244: Be a Bridge Builder



Meet my friend Nicole. We are old school friends. And, I am talking OLD SCHOOL. Like, so old school most of the stories we could tell from our hay day would never make it to this PG-13 rated blog. Nicole is one of the most fantastic people you will ever meet. She opened a yoga studio in Lexington, SC called Pink Lotus Yoga Center and pretty much devotes her life to her son, Noah and her community at Pink Lotus.

Nicole is what I call a “bridge builder.” First of all, she does not give a sh*t really what anyone thinks and that is the first sign of an excellent bridge builder. She follows her heart and does her thing. She’s been there, and because she’s “been there” (meaning she’s lived some life) her door and heart are wide open for all walks of life to come on in and feel right at home. She is not an island, unattainable, unreachable and far away. She is up close and personal and she uses her own story to support others so they feel comfortable walking into potentially uncomfortable spaces to learn, grow and transform their lives. She builds bridges from her heart into others hearts and because of that, she is truly one of my heroes. I just love her so much.

So, I am inspired by Nicole tonight and all of her bridge-building-ness. I am inspired  by the courage and fearlessness it takes to live with an open heart. It’s easy to just sit at home or even go to your job or business every day and cut yourself off from the world. To burn the bridge from your heart to whatever and whoever might walk over it and into your life. It’s HARDER to be a bridge builder, I think. But it’s better. Way better.

Are you building bridges? #365things


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