Day 243: My Big Boy


#Sirellisroy is 11 months old today. I noticed that I haven’t posted a picture of him in #365things in several days, probably because all of my photos of him lately are super blurry as he doesn’t have much time to pose for photos these days.

He loves to laugh and sing as well as cling to my legs and cry when I try to leave the room. He just learned how to “ROAR” like a lion and also in the last week, he hates baths for some reason. He is standing in his own and looks as though he’ll walk any day AND he screams bloody murder when I am either trying to dress him or change his diaper. We are still breastfeeding and I cannot believe we have almost made it to one year! I don’t think Ellis can believe it either and he celebrates by doing his “breastfeeding gymnastics” routine on a daily basis. He is all but standing on his head and nursing at the same time. It’s pretty incredible.

We love co-sleeping. Wait, I should say “I” love co-sleeping because our sweet little nugget still gets up a few times a night to nurse. Yes, it does annoy me when other moms post that their babies sleep through the night. That sort of behavior should be not be allowed.

Ellis definitely has a mind of his own. He likes to do things “his” way. If I had a quarter for every time I’ve heard Carl say that to me over the last eight years, we’d be all set for when Ellis goes to college. It’s a little scary.

He loves to snuggle, especially when you are getting ready to drop him off at the moms morning out program he attends. Yeah, remember last week when I posted how he was all like “see ya, mom! I got this!” Well, he caught on to the fact that I was actually leaving him there and let’s just say it’s a different story trying to take him now.

He is our sunshine every morning at 6am when he rolls over and stands up on Carls back in the bed, slapping him with both hands as hard as he can. We can’t get enough.

In one month our big boy will celebrate one year here on planet earth. His spirit is so big and wide and beautiful and I just feel like the luckiest person to be able to witness him growing and learning how to share it with the world, no matter how tired I am. #365things


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