Day 242: Unleashed


She was a drooling, happy mess after taking her to the dog park for the first time today. Both #sirellisroy and I enjoyed watching Sophie run and play and sniff butts for the hour or so we spent in the late afternoon sun.

It will be two weeks since we brought Enya/Lucy and now Sophie home with us (couldn’t quite make up our minds, but I think Sophie is it!). I’ve spent lots of time gazing into her deep brown eyes trying to send reassuring love and energy that no matter where she came from, that she is safe and loved with us now. It wasn’t until today that I think I finally saw the “real Sophie” as she kept coming up and sitting at my feet at the dog park, wagging her tail, tongue hanging out, and… smiling.

We never know where someone has been when we meet them eye to eye. Hell, most of the time we are trying to forget or erase our own pasts. We can hold ourselves hostage to our pasts and the stories and skeletons that come with it. This “trance” of seeing ourselves today thought the veil of our past can create a very short leash when it comes to our desire to grow and change. A lot of this can be completely unconscious, meaning we may not even know this is happening, but a good sign that it might is you find yourself meeting the same challenges and seeing the same habits and patterns showing up over and over again.

How can we become “unleashed” like Sophie here, possibly for the first time in a safe and loving enviornment? I don’t think it happens overnight – in fact I am pretty damn positive of that. If you are waiting around for “enlightenment now” you might be waiting for an awfully long time.

We can only gradually awaken to the true freedom that lies within each of us – partly because we get constantly pulled back into the world of thoughts, emotions, ego (and that’s OK!). But we must keep re-committing to open up to the life that is right here in front of us AND loving that life, because the life that we have right here and now is the only one we’ve got.

#365things #unleashed #happydoggie





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