Day 241: Counting On Friends With Friends You Can Count On


Dear friends who I have not seen, talked to or made time for in the last year:

Don’t give up on me! I’ve been hunkered down weathering this thing called LIFE. I’ve been tending to it each and every precious day and as life usually goes, some days are easy and some are hard (real, real hard). I’ve seen your texts and listened to your messages but usually just as I am about to call you back, life does something like shits their pants and I need to re-prioritize all over again. It’s not that I don’t want to catch up and make plans, but diaper rash is worse and after wrestling a diaper change out of life, I have most likely been slightly traumatized and I’ve forgotten anything I may have been trying to do before hand.

Life gets bigger and a little easier, or maybe I am just becoming more and more confident in myself and that, well, life will be ok. And, pictures like this prove it! We did it! We made it out of the house ALIVE. There was even lipstick and a new headband to celebrate!

It feels so good to have “friends you can count on” no matter what. Six months, one year – heck, five years, and you see them and you don’t skip a beat. We don’t ever ask anything of one another or expect anything of one another, but when it works – it works and we just go with it. You can’t ask for more than a beautiful evening on the inlet with husbands and friends enjoying mojitos and Moscow mules. You just count on one another to be there, with a smile and a hug – and no more.

So, there is hope and there is a light at the end of this blinding tunnel for more drinks on docks overlooking sunsets and boats I’ll never be able to afford (sigh). Truth is, I am in no rush at all to be free from the mini clutches of the beautiful LIFE I have right here at home, although I definitely do have a new appreciation for being able to eat my dinner with two hands. We are slowly making our way back. #365things #datenight #goodfriends


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