Day 240: Birth Matters



Photos: KMP Imagery (more photos from the rally here)

Birth Matters
Question Your Induction
Know Your Options
First, Do No Harm
Informed Consent & Refusal
VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean)
Fewer Preventable Cesareans (South Carolina has a 35% C-section rate!)

These were just a few of the signs we waved this past Saturday while #sirellisroy and I marched with my mama tribe at the Improving Birth rally in Myrtle Beach, SC. Mamas, their kids and even a few courageous dads braved the gray, gloomy skies to let our community know that their rights “to know” when it comes to giving birth matter, maybe more than you might think.

I can only speak for myself and my own birth experience. The process of empowering myself with knowledge about my own body and my rights during the birth of my son was an experience I am so grateful to have – and unless you are passionate about having that experience, you will have the same manufactured experience that millions of other woman are having each and everyday.

In the end, I did not have the birth experience I imagined, but I was educated and informed every step of the way. My birth team, which included my husband, mother, doula AND my nurses and doctors were on my side and rooting for me to have what I wanted. Things took another turn, as life sometimes does (read more about that here), but I felt and still feel that because I was informed, I was never in the dark and I was a part of the decision making team, rather than having decisions made for me.

I want to give a big shout out to the amazing group of women I proudly marched with. The supportive group of mothers here in Myrtle Beach is unlike any community I have ever been a part of (and I LOVE me some community!). It is unconditional, open and constant support. Mind you, we share a common set of core beliefs around pregnancy, birth and parenting – but even within those commonalities, every mother and child and family unit is completely unique and I think our group does an amazing job respecting everyones differences.

With all of that said, I thoroughly enjoyed wearing my activist hat and looking at the faces of the people driving by in their cars while I waved a sign that said VBAC right in their FACE.

#365things #birthmatters

Did you know about all of the support around pregnancy, birth and parenting along the Grand Strand? Check out:


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