Day 239: Pinkies Up!


Our tea party was a shoulder and hip shaking success. From the Bollywood Flashmob to the yoga demo to the saffron and cardamom macarons, we somehow pulled off another amazing event.  Of course, it was not without A LOT of help from our friends – which is the perfect foundation to build anything. This was born from love and will grow out of of the love of the hearts of those who want to nurture it.

My partner Jennifer and I joke that we began this journey together with only two hands between the both of us because we have been carrying a baby on our hip with the other one (Jenn has a daughter only three months younger than #sirellisroy). To see our vision come to fruition at these events is a gift to these two new mothers who desire to carve our own corner of color in the world.

While the Les Elephants High Society of Do-Gooders and Tea Drinkers is a secret society until you can attend of the tea parties – our manifesto needs to be shared with the world as it continues to inspire me to be ruthlessly passionate about being my own person and following my heart – laughing all the way.

Pictures below of the event taken by my wonderful husband, Carl. More pictures to come soon. Until then, #pinkiesup

The Les Elephants High Society of Do Gooders and Tea Drinkers Manifesto

(please raise your pinkie finger!!)

We, the members of the Les Elephants High Society of Do-Gooders and Tea Drinkers, solemnly pledge to meet the following criteria of initiation into our prestigious society:

I pledge to enjoy sipping, drinking, chugging, and slurping tea for the duration of my lifetime. (All: Pinkies Up!)

I pledge to engage in meaningful conversation about topics both important and less important while eating scrumptious food for the duration of my lifetime (Pinky’s Up!)

I pledge to be tolerant to other cultures, art, religious beliefs, and the several different varieties of tea. (All: Pinkies Up!)

I pledge to travel in both the literal and metaphorical sense. (All: Pinkies Up!)

I pledge to enthusiastically engage in my community by serving others. (All: Pinkies Up!)

I pledge to lead an inspired life – and in doing just that, I will inspire others to do the same. (All: Pinkies Up!)

I pledge to always seek opportunities to dress in costume and always and forever use my Pinky for good, and not evil. (All: Pinkies Up!)

In conclusion, we the inaugural members of the Les Elephants High Society of Do-Gooders and Tea Drinkers have pledged to drink tea, serve, love, give, and give more. We pledge to never, ever, forget that all of the worlds problems can be solved over a nice cup of tea. (All: Pinkies Up!)

Photos: Carl Kerridge

1462866_10153172812903136_3598697306929796425_n 10351227_10153172809133136_7004124906525245111_n 10356698_10153172809063136_7759155779120043825_n 10386354_10153172812708136_5070502426320219878_n 10407049_10153172813573136_5904781723565363843_n 10419055_10153172813183136_748624394205324337_n 10435523_10153172809188136_8628439143452468729_n 10454544_10153172813293136_778283502882926153_n 10516854_10153172812698136_4816591372883824933_n 10534774_10153172808998136_757982967660962391_n 10592696_10153172813433136_1630226257963774230_n 10606456_10153172808903136_3154338095472053318_n 10613065_10153172809113136_8048225348072509289_n 10624920_10153172813633136_8817792784366917330_n 10636291_10153172809023136_9137074038367034275_n 10647101_10153172812788136_6278330257553764618_n 10660250_10153172813098136_2312133496863224132_n 10672365_10153172813348136_6344481615539543213_n 10675798_10153172812693136_6653215093741089723_n 10678687_10153172808918136_5792166510218255048_n 10689592_10153172813483136_6356712898656638923_n


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