Day 235: Licking the Spoon


In honor of starting the #30for30 exercise challenge tomorrow, I made dark chocolate coconut macaroons for dessert last night. You can tell by the look on this face that they were damn good. We officially have another spoon licker in this family – Carl being spoon licker número uno.

In preparing for our “month o’ fitness” I organized all of my baking supplied (four different kinds of sugars, chocolate chips, several varieties of flours, food colorings, the most amazing flaked sea salt EVER… I could go on and on). I put them all away with a gentle and tender whisper right before I snapped the lid of the Tupperware closed, “I’ll see you at Christmas.”

We enjoyed the last of the cheeses and this morning I’ll savor a beautiful cup of coffee as I’ve opted to take a 30 day break from dairy and replace my a.m. coffee with hot lemon water.

The fridge is filled with fresh greens, veggies and fruits. The juicer has moved to the front of the class. We have a variety of “workouts” to choose from – but running and cross training are my hopeful contenders throughout the month as I am looking to learn some new skills. I’ve pretty much mastered the art of rolling around on my yoga mat and while that has done wonders for my peace of mind, I could really use a full physical body tune up (and tightening!).

For the whole #30for30 (because every new mama, and let’s face it, pretty much all of us could use daily inspiration too increase your heart rate) I’ll share a little tidbit about what’s happening over here on the fitness front each day.

If you want to really have some fun, then join us over in our super cool Facebook group! Leave me a comment so I can add ya!

30 minutes for 30 days. We got this.
#365things #fitness #exercise #fitmama


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