Day 232: Rebelle Alchemists

IMG_2741.JPGWhat if we were in charge of our own destiny? Just what IF (humor me with this crazy  thinking for a moment, will you?) we could gently and tenderly nurture our dreams, our health and our consciousness to continually remind ourselves that WE ARE ENOUGH.  What if through this radical love making with ourselves we could re-awaken our inner healers, our inner gurus, our deep longings and desires to cultivate our own corners of light, of good, of awesome-ness.

Spend 10 minutes with authors of The Wellness Alchemist Detox Book and co-founders of Rebelle Society & Rebelle Wellness, Tanya Markul and Andrea Balt and you are guaranteed to feel at least one billion tiny particles tingling in the space in the center of your chest to remind you of these very basic truths.

My friends wrote a book! My amazing, beautiful, talented friends wrote a book. A book that will change and transform thousands of lives. My friends devoted over two years and decades of collective experiences of re-birthing back to themselves over and over again. They have come up for air long enough to share this amazing guide designed to gently nurture your bodies and souls back to becoming your own best friend – reconnected and restored to a whole, unique and ever-evolving YOU.

And, holy WOW. I am so honored to be recognized by them as their #1 fan, cheerleader, virtual soul-sister and collaborator on all levels of life. It’s more powerful than I can put into words for someone to see you in this way. I am, in my own heart, devoted to their success more than any blog post or radio show could ever do.

So, get the book HERE: and join us by starting today to become the “Chief Creator of your destiny.  It’s easy.  It begins and ends with you – and the beautiful thing is you get to choose what comes in between.

Find more here: and here

And, oh – I write for Rebelle Society here:

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