Day 231: Sleep is the BEST!


What is the sum of a decent nights sleep (I don’t remember what good or great is anymore – but I’ll take decent any day of the week) plus a humidity free and 65 degree morning plus a strong cup of coffee and a laughing baby in a hammock?!?!?

= #MommyHeaven.

It’s amazing the difference a day makes, eh? Just yesterday I was hemming and hawing over the challenges of trying to operate with a brain lacking the special oxygen you get only from sleep. Last night it was me who kept waking up, rolling over to check on #sirellisroy all cuddled up between Carl and I only to see him snoring away, as content as can be. When he was first born, we talked a lot about how “each day was different” and how precious a time that truly was as some days now seem to just roll right into one another. It takes a perfect morning like this was jolts you back into the present moment to realize the true gift that comes with waking up fresh and new each day.

Each day is a new start, a new chance. Sleepless nights or not, it’s my goal to remember this, although I’m not perfect and have plenty of mornings when its all I can do to brush my own teeth and remember to feed the cats. But not today. Today I was whistling and singing and feeling grateful for that much needed oxygen in my brain (the special oxygen that only comes from sleep.). #365things


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