Day 228: Milestones and Musings From Yesterday


The day began with a thud. Literally, as #sirellisroy took his first tumble out of the bed. Thankfully, the night before I shoved all of the clean, unfolded clothes onto the floor on my side of the bed. Even in my comatose state I remember thinking: “Man, that stinks I did not get the laundry folded but at least if Ellis fell off the bed he would land onto this clean clothes pile!” Well, I can now finally enter the ranks of all the moms who have had their children fall off of high surfaces. I feel hugs from you all as I humbly accept this honor.

Obviously he was not hurt (although the “thud” I heard was him landing on top of Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone which was actually on top of the clean clothes pile). This photo was taken immediately after.

For the last few days Ellis has been a little off. He’s fussing more, not sleeping well, less of an interest in eating and more of an interest in standing in his high hair. There is a general sense of frustration as he is testing Carl and I quite frequently. And then, yesterday he went from noon until 8:30pm without a nap. Which, btw, drove me absolutely insane (Is he tired? No, he’s not. Yes, he is! I think I’ll take him for a walk. Nope, not sleeping. And on and on an on.).

I know, I know… he is teething. But this feels different. It feels like he is trying to figure out something big but can’t quite grasp even what it is yet. I have the feeling (call it mothers intuition), that there is not going to be much sitting in our future. #sirellisroy is figuring out how to walk. #365things #firststeps #watchout #babyonthemove


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