Day 224: Forever in Our Hearts


Life will not wait for tomorrow for you to tell someone you love them today. Heck, why not start with yourself. And then begin to extend those self inflicted “I love you’s” to those you care about most.

Why stop there? Let love become a contagious virus. So contagious that you can’t help but sneeze on everyone you meet.

Belly up to the bar and order everyone a round of punch spiked with love.

Become a vessel to be, share and spread love where ever you go and whatever you do.

Why? Why do this? Why should you care so much about sharing love with the neighbor down the street whose curtains are always drawn or with the mother halfway across the world whom you will never meet?

Because you can, that’s why.
Because the best things in life are free. Because we are all hurting and suffering from God knows what.
Because this precious gift of being born into human form grants us the unique ability to hold another person in our heart, and sometimes that is all we need.

You will stay forever in our hearts, Anna. You left us too soon. I hope you are soaring, wild and free with wings spread wide. We miss you. #365things


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