Day 223: New York, New York


I am one of those New Yorkers who has had to spend a good part of their life (when telling people where I am from) explaining that New York is actually a whole state, and not just the concrete jungle they call “the city.” “I’m from ALBANY. It’s upstate.”

But, to our credit, we are only a couple hours from NYC and can get there quite easily by train, which is what me and #sirellisroy did today along with LeeAnn, my mom, sister and a gaggle of my aunts and cousins.

As I write this the train is winding it’s way back to Albany and our little group has fallen silent (surprisingly for the first time today) and fallen asleep, worn out from the five or so miles we trucked today to take in as much of Manhattan as we could.

Also, as I write this and look around again at everyone’s exhausted but happy, sleepy faces I am finding it hard to keep my own eyes open. The lull of the train and a sweet little lump passed out in my arms is calling for me to join the slumber party. We definitely are not the “city that never sleeps” type of crowd. #365things


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