Day 221: The Zen of Cooking

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During my pregnancy with #sirellisroy I discovered a passion for eating lots of cookies.     It’s still one of my favorite pastimes.  I hope I never go gluten free.

Along with a major obsession in finding the perfect chocolate chip, cooking in general has been like a therapy for me.  It is also my sneaky way of having some alone time everyday… “Carl, can you watch #sirellisroy while I start dinner?”

I guess it is a good thing I’m a fabulous cook. He is always pretty happy to do it because he knows where it’s all going to end up.

I love trying new recipes (yes, I am a “by the book recipe follower”) and most especially lately with all of the fresh summer veggies, I feel like the opportunity to be creative with a pot and a pan is limitless.

There is something spiritual about cooking.  Do you agree? You spend all this time choosing what to cook, gathering and shopping for the ingredients, preparing everything, serving and enjoying it.  And, then it’s gone. The whole experience has  literally disappeared right before your eyes (and into your belly).  It is only if you don’t try to clean up along the way that a sink full of dirty dishes will remind you of the delicious reverie that was just had.

I need this reminder about life put before me just about everyday.  I want this reminder about life integrated into my everyday.  I don’t want to read about mindfulness and non-attachment in books and spout it during yoga classes. Our moments truly are fleeting. They come and they are here and then they are gone. Don’t just enjoy them, SAVOR them. Take each moment in with every single one of your senses. Practice letting go of the simple things first, like a yummy dinner or a chance encounter with a caterpillar.  A good friend, just today, shared with me that if we can invite these practices in when we are feeling connected to the life around us, it will support us when we need to let go of something that might not taste so good. #365things

BTW – I am addicted, obsessed and in love with Smitten Kitchen.  Deb posts the best recipes and has not failed me once! I literally make just about every single one she send out.  And those apricot pistachio squares… #todiefor #youwontbesorry #cookon



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