Day 219: The Goddess Project


A few years ago Carl and I ended up driving an airstream around the southwest going to yoga festivals, taking pictures, interviewing yoga rockstars and drinking lots of kombucha.  While we were driving from Joshua Tree to Sedona (I could have said California to Arizona but Joshua Tree and Sedona just sounds sexier), we found ourselves following the most magnificent school bus – decorated and painted like a gypsy caravan.  On the back of the bus were the words, The Goddess Project.  I immediately found them on twitter and sent them a message. We were not heading to the same place, but they were going to be in Denver, CO in a few weeks (where we were living at the time) so we arranged to meet then.  In the mean time I devoured their website and ate up every ounce of their current efforts.  They were to traveling across America to find extraordinary women with a passion for the life they live – and they were documenting their journey with plans for a film.  Meeting Holli and Sara was like breathing fresh air.  They were so beautiful and passionate and eager and willing and they were on a mission.  They asked if they could interview me. Humbled and nervous, I said yes and there we sat in our tiny apartment in Denver and they interviewed me for their film.

Here we are two years later.  WOW.  Just WOW. They did it. They traveled over 10,000 miles and interviewed over 100 women. And I woke up this morning to find my words in quotes. #wow

By highlighting the stories of over 100 women in the same film, we aim to bridge the gaps that separate us from one another and show the infinite possibilities that exist when you step into your own power! – The Goddess Project

Watch the trailer and be inspired.  Check out their interview and you will feel changed.  They still have a ways to go – and they have a kickstarted campaign set up where you can help fund their film into a reality. They are there.  They did it.  They just need our help to get there. If you can’t donate to the project – share this with five other women, and tell them the same thing.  If you can’t fund them, share this with five other women.

We all have dreams and it is so empowering to see another’s come to fulfillment.  It reminds us of our own purpose.  It connects us back to our own inspiration.  I am so proud of you Holli & Sara!  You have already done it! You are changing lives!  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it. #365things @thegoddessproject


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