Day 217: Best Place on the Planet

When all else fails, one of two things can make me happy. Coincidentally, they are both food. The first is Italian. It’s a sure bet. Whenever, where ever – just find me some Italian food. The second is Sun City Cafe, and this can only be found right here in Myrtle Beach, SC. Carl and I had our first date, countless birthdays and gatherings, our bachelor/bachelorette dinner and waaaay too many margaritas to count at this place we have lovingly referred to as “the best restaurant on the planet”.

Today was one of those days. I needed a guaranteed “pick me up.” We had a sitter lined up and when she got to the house at 5pm I had yet to shower or brush my teeth. So, yeah. You know what I am talking about.

I was feeling frustrated and even a little angry. At what? I don’t know. It’s not that it was a bad day at all. Maybe because I had a certain image in my mind of what I wanted the day to look like, and it didn’t. What day really does?

So, what do you do? You get dressed, put a little lipstick on and go have yourself a top shelf margarita at the best place on the planet with your best friend in the world. #365things


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