Day 216: The Pulse of Source


Life with #sirellisroy has been flowing along for the last few months like an easy going lazy river. All three of us have seemed to have time to breathe adjust to Ellis’ new discoveries and changes. Sort of like how at the beginning it seemed he was growing out of his clothes literally as he wore them. Lately, we’ve gotten a good solid half a dozen or so wears out of his gear. It’s been a manageable pace.

This last week, developmentally, has felt more like a raging river
. Just like his hands banging so fast on top of this bin, everyday he is blowing our minds with how he interacts with Carl and I, and the rest of the world around him. It’s inspiring, scary, exciting and hilarious all at the same time.

I love knowing that so many of you who read these know exactly what we are experiencing and that we have all been able to share this special joy together as mothers/parents/aunts/uncles/brothers/sisters – or basically anyone who has had the chance to spend a good deal of time with a baby. We all know. They are so full of wonder for like, the carpet, a cup, the movie case, ripping paper, climbing up and down the same step over and over again, turning the pages of a book, playing with a scarf – and all of these things are located in the same room. The room I lovingly call my padded cell, the room that we spend hours and hours in everyday.

What a gift it is to be constantly reminded of the simple things. I know I will forget this. I know I will be reminded by something and remember again. We are still so close to the beginning of life here, I can almost hear the pulsing of source in the beat he is playing for us. #365things #writeeverydamnday


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