Day 214: I Don’t Often Get Crafty, But When I Do…

photo-20This image is an ode to all of those super beautiful pictures I see everyday on instagram, where it looks like your latest kids craft or your latte and croissant just flew in on a unicorn.  Basically, I am insanely jealous of your lives.  So, I tried to recreate it here and I am not quite sure (especially with the leftover meatballs, that I am eating cold, btw and the Dos Equis) that I have nailed it on the head.  You gotta give a girl credit for trying!

I don’t know about you but I always leave the art supply store with about 5x as many things as I need or actually know how to use.  I am not an artist, nor am I particularly crafty.  While I am engaged here in this creative self mutilation (humor me, I am laughing at myself right now), I have no sense of style – meaning, I never know what is actually in style and I have no concept of interior design or like, making a photo wall or picking out paint or curtains or choosing furniture…  All of this is giving me a headache.  There are a zillion other things I would rather spend my time and energy doing. But, I secretly do wish that I could do all of these things and knit, too. So, every once in a great while I’ll find myself entertaining an artsy whim with the hope that my sheer determination (and some VERY good friends that are artists) will pull me through.

I promise to share the finished products with you all, but one is a birthday present so mustn’t reveal that until the big day and the other is, well, a very personal project and I just hope that I actually finish it.

Artists! Start your engines! Wish me luck! #365things #whilethebabysleeps




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