WOW.  In yoga class yesterday during a four-week exploration on compassion I shared that one of my biggest fears is to be left behind or to not feel “a part of” or a sense of belonging to the whole.  During my daily walk with #sirellisroy and Tara Brach today, I clicked on her latest podcast and the theme was… you guess it, belonging and trust.  It led me into a thoughtful and open investigation into WHY I carry this story around with me and why this filter or veil leads me into creating separateness.  I found myself feeling extremely vulnerable even allowing myself to feel “a part of” the sweet yoga sangha that we are cultivating on Sunday mornings.  So, just still allowing, paying attention and trusting that I hold all of the tools inside of me to wake up from “a trance” that I don’t belong. WOW. #moretocome

Last class in the Compassion Series next Sunday, August 10th.  All are welcome.

“If you know you are the ocean… you are not afraid of the waves….”  #365things #reflection


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