Day 211: Yoga Selfie & Musings on Advanced Practice


This pose here is very, very advanced. In fact, I would highly recommend that you probably never even try it. It’s just for a yoga master, really. Which, obviously, I am. The camera couldn’t really even quite capture the magnificence of the asana from the angle I was taking the picture.  The pranayama technique I was doing here while my breath was obstructed by #sirellisroy was indeed powerful enough for a spontaneous kundalini rising (instant enlightenment) – but I was able to control my energies in order to remain on this plane, in this human body. Also, even though it appears I am lying on the floor, I am actually levitating.

Ok, you got me.  While I was actually trying to do some yoga here – I was not really doing anything advanced and while we did come very close to lifting off the ground – we did remain firmly planted on the earth.

My yoga journey has certainly taken several twists and turns over the years – but none so deep or so rich or so powerful than discovering the “yoga of motherhood.”  Which, to me, means that YES! I was practicing yoga in this picture and I was hugging and kissing my little boy at the same time.  The Jessica of ten years ago, or maybe even five years ago may not have agreed with that.  It would have been more about my “story” around what yoga is supposed to look like, that I was needing to get a better workout or I wasn’t being spiritual enough (some crap like that).

I love seeing pictures of moms posting their practices with their kids climbing all over them.  It’s what yoga is all about. The word literally means UNION. Yes, yes – it is union with the DIVINE. Union with our higher self. But their ain’t no union with the God within happening if we cannot have some peace and union with the dishes in the sink and a baby tugging on your apron strings – and that, my friends, is the truth.

#365things #yogaeverydamnday #advancedpractice



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