Day 209: Only a Skype Away


Dear Lindsay,

I want to wish you something more than luck as you start this new chapter of your life.  I want to wish you to continue to be driven to discover the gift of yourself.  You are an amazingly authentic being and if everyone in the world could have a desire to know who they truly are, as you do, I believe the world would be a better place.

When having your “whole life in front of you” feels too overwhelming – get giddy about having the whole next moment in front of you – and embrace THAT.

We are radicals, you and I.  You and I with our crazy notions that the only thing that will give us lasting happiness is to keep uncovering our true selves – and come hell or high water – learning to align ourselves with our true nature even when that means facing our deepest fears and darkest secrets.  Courage is not just a word we see attached to inspiring quotes that scroll down our newsfeed.

I am a better person because of you, your spirit, your heart – and because you saw something in me that I think I may have lost a little faith in, and for that I am forever grateful.

So, let’s continue to lift one another up along our journeys.  To listen and to be honest.

I am SO VERY PROUD of you and am applauding on my feet as you walk into this new chapter of your life, head held high and with an amazing tan. 🙂  We will miss you here in ol’ South Cakalaki – but as you keep reminding me, “you are only a Skype away.”



p.s. I still think you should take a year off. #365things



2 thoughts on “Day 209: Only a Skype Away

  1. Jan

    Even though I am in my 27th year of parenting, I continue to marvel at the miracles that are my children. Thank you so much for loving one of them! (And she loves you back just as much, if not more). Until we meet again….

    1. jdurivage1011 Post author

      Jan – I do love your daughter! She has gone from being my student to my friend and now to my teacher! I admire her courage, her independence (I was NEVER as independent as her!) and her courage to face her fears head on. I look forward to a lifelong friendship with her and YOU! Enjoy having your baby home with you!! xoxo


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