Day 208: The Joy Around You


Motherhood can be extremely practical. Child is hungry, you feed them; child soils his diaper, you change it; child is crawling towards the stairs, you fly like a maniac to scoop him up and save him from impending danger; and then go ahead and put that on repeat about a zillion times a day. We pick up the toys at night just so they can be strewn about again tomorrow. It’s day in and day out. Pre-motherhood, my life seemed to revolve around to-do lists and feeling the tiny victories as I ticked each item off my list. It seems a little strange to make a list that includes doing the laundry or playing with my son. It’s a bit more instinctual, being a mom that is. You don’t forget to do what needs to be done. Unless you accidentally take the cable bill because you want to be helpful and pay it, but then you forget and it’s late. Paying bills still needs to go on a to-do list.

It’s a lot of the same thing, over and over again. I spend about 80% of my time in my living room – and with all of the baby proofing we’ve done lately, I’ve jokingly started to refer to it as my “padded cell.”

It’s the moments in between that make all the monotony seems like a glorious gift sometimes. It’s the late afternoon swings in the hammock, or the impromptu nap on top of the laundry pile. It’s being the one who sees your child understand something for the first time. It’s surrendering to the wet, sloppy kisses. It’s choosing to leave the dishes in the sink and crawl around the house chasing one another. It’s opening up to the joy around you in all of the moments in between so that eventually, one by one, even all of those practical moments become joyful, too. #365things #momsrule


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