Day 206: The Nature of Joy


Life is not perfect. In fact, life can just be down right hard a lot of the times. There are struggles and challenges and obstacles to overcome – not just some days, but mostly every single day.  As my friend Colleen (who took this awesome picture) shared with me so eloquently today, “I love his wet popsicle hands.  Ellis has taught me so much about the nature of joy.”  Ahhh, just hearing those words feels like a cool breeze on my cheek.  Not the popsicle hands.. they were pretty sticky, actually. But, the nature of joy.  I’d like for my nature to by joy-ish, wouldn’t you?  What does “a nature of joy” really mean? Look no further than to #sirellisroy here who doesn’t seem to mind sticky fingers and a dripping orange grin.  Granted, he does not yet know the ways of the world – but don’t you just sometimes get sick of using “the world” as an excuse to keep you from the joy that lives inside you?  I know I do.

I think it is a little bit simpler than we try to make it.  Joy and happiness that is.  I don’t think this. I know this. But I try to pretend sometimes that I need to think harder about it – but really, it is about not thinking at all.  Happiness and joy come from allowing yourself to just be.  We cannot be taught this.  We must allow ourselves to remember. And, doing things like eating popsicles on a hot summer day (along with smoothies and acai bowls at the fun new Kindbelly Cafe), is certainly a “nature of joy” booster.

I don’t know about you, but if you are looking for me tomorrow, I’ll be somewhere buying a popsicle maker. #365things


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