Day 202: Bond… James Bond


We have started #sirellisroy on a strict diet of James Bond films.  As with our conscious choices of extended breastfeeding, bed sharing, attachment parenting, baby wearing, etc – watching James Bond daily and learning a healthy A-Z vocabulary of James Bondisms is a part of our parenting routine.  Here are some of the signs that we are raising a Bond Baby.

He likes is breast milk shaken, not stirred.

He is referring to his very beautiful nanny as Miss Moneypenny 

Upon meeting his Great Grandparents he said, “My name is Roy. Sir Ellis Roy.”

He has posters of the Top 10 Bond Girls hanging in his nursery (replacing the elephant theme we chose for him).

He wants an Aston Martin.  But since he can’t drive yet, his Dad has graciously said he would he would take care of it for him until he is 16.

Sean is his all-time, old-school favorite Bond, but he is very vocal about his approval of Daniel Craig for the newer films.

He has a knack for turning his toys into spy gadgets.  Think exploding diapers, x-ray vision sunglasses, bottle with secret compartment for a toy gun, etc.  

Well, that was fun. No, Ellis does not have a REAL exploding diaper – but it definitely explodes.  Carl LOVES Bond.  And, over the years I have probably seen all of the Bond movies (which we own) at least three times each.  It is his go-to on a rainy day or when he can’t sleep.  Just pop a Bond movie in and let them work their magic. I can picture Carl as a kid with his brother playing “pretend James Bond”.  I think even now, at 40, Carl is still playing pretend a little bit, and that is ok with me.  His cheesy one liners are what made me fall in love with him and they are what keep me laughing to this day.  So – here is to the next generation of Bond. I do not foresee Ellis really getting a big dose of Bond until he is a bit older – but it’s fun to recognize that just “by osmosis” he will inherit the Bond Legacy into his life. #365things





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