Day 201: Oprah and the Agreeable Voices in My Head


Because I was just so excited to get to take a shower ALONE today (#sirellisroy was snoozing) I decided it would be a great time to clean my bathtub.  Glamorous, I know, but you when you see an opportunity to efficiently multi-task, you gotta seize it.

So, I am scrubbing down the tiles and having a very serious conversation with myself, in my head. It looked a little like this.

Voice #1: I just love the look of a clean bathtub

Voice #2: YES!

Voice #1: I have a great idea!

Voice #2: YES!

Voice #1: Why don’t you take advantage of Ellis sleeping and do a little face scrub and mask after you get out of the shower.  You deserve it.

Voice #2: YES!

Voice #1: And, you could even take a picture of yourself and write about it for your blog today!

Voice #2: YES!

Voice #1: Wouldn’t it be cool to have like a theme for Sundays – kind of like Oprah has #supersoulsunday?

Voice #2: YES!

Voice #1: You could like tag #Oprah in your post today and maybe she will see it and you never know!

Voice #2: YES!

Voice #1: Ahh, it is going to be so great to be on Oprah!

Voice #2: YES!

Voice #1: Ok, so wrap it up in here and get out so you can carefully apply your face mask, snap a pic, let Oprah know when you are available and then go put your feet up and relax because Ellis will probably sleep for at least another hour!

Voice #2: YES!

Voice #1: WOW! This bathroom is sparkling! Great job!  Now to just get that mask on, relax and wait for Oprah to call!

Voice #2: YES!

There are a few things about today that I know for sure – The first is that I did manage to do my face mask. Second is that my bathtub got clean. Third is that I DID NOT have a chance to put my feet up and last is that at least the voices in my head are encouraging!  #365things #voicesinmyhead #spaathome #waitingforoprahtocall #notgoingtoholdmybreath #yesand


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