Day 199:Day 200: Sat Nam, French Kissing and Getting Back in the Yoga Saddle – Part III


Day 200. I can’t believe I have been writing for 200 days (give or take a few).  I find myself dreaming about what I am going to write.  I wake up some mornings with excited anticipation at what will happen that will make it to the page.  Some days I can’t decide on what to share, and others, there is too much to say and I can’t wait to get to the computer at the end of the night.  What I can say with extreme confidence is that there is never a day where there is not a little miracle, or something to learn or a moment to reflect upon.  This little project has turned into a practice in paying attention.

And, that is the yoga.  Paying attention to your life.  Noticing the little details that hold together the tapestry of your journey.

When I shared during part I of this series that I held a little yoga strike during my pregnancy – it was more than metaphorically picketing outside the yoga studio until they created a class where we ate cookies and ice cream the whole time.  I just lost sight of what my yoga practice was supposed to be cultivating in my life.  And, as one of my teachers says to us all the time, “If we are not consciously choosing the desire or the direction for our life – then it is most certainly being chosen for us.”

I want the practice of living my life to be my yoga. I want my art to be how eloquently I shared my story only so we can all remember that together, we are parts of the same book.  Sat Nam.

My photo today is a nod to the ever inspiring Jenn Grosso who continues to open hearts and minds with her #littlealtarseverywhere passion and her poetic musings. #365things


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