Day 198: Sat Nam, French Kissing, and Getting Back in the Yoga Saddle – Part I


You know what? The very LAST thing I felt like doing during Trimesters 1,2 & 3 and for the first six months after Ellis was born was YOGA.  There I said it. OUT LOUD. A yoga teacher NOT wanting to practice yoga? Yep. Not at all.

What did I do when I was pregnant? Anything I felt like doing. I made about a dozen different varieties of chocolate chip cookies.  I also dabbled in gourmet rice crispy treats (using sea salt and brown butter – YUM).  I made homemade cakes and brownies.  I ate ice cream every night and I freaking loved every second of it.

Do I think yoga is absolutely amazing and beneficial not only during pregnancy but ALL THE TIME? Yes, of course.  Did I get my growing backside to yoga class every now and then? Yes, sort of.  I think I wanted to go to any classes that were called “Lets just roll around on our backs for an hour and then fall asleep.”  But, since there were not any classes with that title, I just did a lot of that at home.

I don’t know why I went on this yoga strike.  Maybe I was burnt out.  Maybe it was spending six weeks in India where Lululemon is not a word and the only people you see walking around with yoga mats are actually from the west. It just left a weird taste in my mouth.

I started to miss it. The practice. I missed this practice that changed my life and I missed the way it made me feel and I missed feeling strong in my spirit and in my mind and in my body. I missed feeling the vibration of OM in my belly, heart and brain.  And, I missed touching in – even for just a few seconds – with the abiding and infinite wisdom that only I hold to navigate my own journey.  I missed it.  So, I am rolling out my mat again, and it looks a lot different this time around.

How did I end up committing to do Sat Nam Kyria with my husband for 40 days straight and what is my definition of kissing yoga and why is this going to save my marriage? Find out tomorrow. #365things



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