Day 182: 9 Months In | 9 Months Out

photo-9I’ve been anticipating this day for a few weeks now.  Watching #SirEllisRoy take on his world around him, witnessing his personality unfold a little more each day and already feeling the beginnings of a long process of letting go.

At nine months, the second he opens his eyes in the morning it is as if he was dreaming all night of waking up and taking charge.  The blissful moments of lying in bed, the three of us, and cuddling and snuggling up together have been replaced with chasing him so he doesn’t fall off the side of the bed. The baby swing has been put away and there are now pots and pans and wooden spoons strewn across the kitchen floor. He has forgotten about his rattles and mobiles and is absorbed into the world of building blocks, books and musical instruments.  He no longer lies on his back and waits for someone to dangle a toy above him – he crawls, leaps and jumps into activity. He dances. He dances.  He dances. And, watching him dance has unleashed a joy I never thought possible from the cave of my heart.  His smile, that silly-two-tooth grin stops people in their tracks and I find myself just standing back and watching Ellis work the room.  He gives kisses, hugs.  He just learned to clap his hands.  He loves sitting in the bathtub with the shower running on his head.  He eats just about everything we put in front of him, including batter from homemade chocolate brownies (Carl let him lick the spoon tonight), and he still nurses like a champ.  He sleeps in his crib almost never and hence I’ve got to start letting go… a little, but not today.

Happy 9-months to our prince.  #365things


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