Day 178: Friends

photo-5 Day 178: I feel incredibly lucky sometimes to have friends (that still call me a friend) after 30 years. When your friends know you just as well or maybe a little better in some cases than your family, the vulnerability it takes to keep showing up, to keep loving and to keep believing that you are loved and accepted can feel so overwhelming that there are blips in your relationship that last years. I am thankful that there are no more blips and that today I accept the love that my wonderful friends so freely give. I’m terrible at planning get togethers and our time together, when I am home, is always way too short, but the hour or two hours to just be with one another is enough. There is so much more to say about friendship and I am sure one day I will. But right now, I am thankful to spend special time today with some awesome friends. #365things #friends


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