Day 174: Beneath the Surface of the Struggle


I am going to read this summer.
I am going to read this summer.
I am going to read this summer.

Latest reading recommendations?  Good Night Moon, The Elephant and the Bad Baby and the entire Mr. Men collection. I can’t get through If I Could Keep You Little without tearing up – even though I can recite it by memory and I’ve read it at least 277 times.

I miss BIG GIRL reading. I miss my yoga books. I miss getting lost in someone’s world and finding all of the little places where our souls are speaking the same language. And, at some point, the stack of books by my bedside table, that I was obviously not retaining via osmosis, became so overwhelming that I just decided to take a break on the written word for a while. Then, Cheryl Strayed woke up adventure in me with Wild this spring and Glennon Doyle Melton spoke to my soul with Carry On, Warrior which I just posted about the other day.

I am hitting up a spiritual classic this summer, The Yoga Sutras – all three of my versions, because at some point, I definitely felt like I needed to have three different translations in case there was a test. These types of books are not meant to be read cover to cover. You are allowed to read one line in a book like this and then stare out the window for 10 minutes practicing to practice meditating on what you just read. Or, you can commit perhaps to think about how the words affect your heart and soul for a few days. And, if you don’t know how the words affect you- then you just read it again a few days later and go on thinking about it. You don’t really get to say, “Hey, I just finished reading the Yoga Sutras” (or the Bible or the Koran or some ancient spiritual guidebook to life). This revelation has given me tremendous comfort – because sometimes I just like to go back to the beginning of books like these, before I have even gotten 10 pages in – because I guess that is what I am. I am a beginner. I don’t really want to move onto be “intermediate or advanced” at life – because I have no clue what that means.

I’ve also decided that I love memoirs. I love reading about someones story. And, not anyones story – but stories about other women. Women who have risen above the struggle and the noise to admit to the world that they have/are struggling – and that they know/have seen/touched/tasted the joy that lives directly beneath the surface of struggle. These are the page turners. The ones that I can get completely lost and engulfed in – heart to heart and soul to soul with these brave beings – courageous enough to put their honest truth out there. I’ve found that so far in Glennon, Cheryl and now in Betsy Chasse in Tipping Sacred Cows .

I live in the constant pursuit of the joy that lives just beneath the struggle. Maybe that is why I am reading a little bit of The Yoga Sutras every day so I can learn how to confront my own and why I love memoirs so I can feel supported by others who have done the same. #365things #summerreading


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