Day 172: Ankle Biter


Now I know what it would have been like to date a “clingy” guy.  While I have romanced the idea of being with someone all sensitive and needy – I’ve aways tended to go for the more independent types.

This is my day.  All. Day. Long.  Don’t get me wrong – I can’t get enough of it but when I do – like when I want to go to the bathroom or fix myself a cup of tea – it’s enough to just about drive me over the edge.  But, as luck would have it, #sirellisroy is having a jolly good time playing all by himself while I snuck away to type this.  Like “sneaking” meaning not making eye contact with him.

On the upside?  All this attachment means he is getting more secure.  It means his confidence is growing.  He is learning to hug and kiss so I have that going for me.  Lots of open mouth wet ones.

Annnnnnnd then there are the moments when I put him down so we can play together on the floor and he starts crying like I have dropped him off in the middle of nowhere, to fend for himself, alone and I am like – “I AM SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO YOU!!!”

Then he smiles and I melt. #365things


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