Day 171: Houston, We Are Live


Most business and marketing gurus would probably have told me to wait until my site was “all looking perfectly branded” before I shared this with you.

I DO understand how branding and marketing works.  AND, once upon a time I even went the the “$13K logo/website/branding package route” for a business I had (or I should probably be more honest and say glorified hobby).  I waited and planned and tried to vision and pick the right pictures with the right words and the right fonts and the perfect color scheme that would go along with the feeling of my vision and then I had to articulate my vision and my mission and my 5-year plan and then decide if I wanted to spend another 10k on a shopping cart… and, and, and.  Don’t get me wrong, it was/is an absolutely beautiful website. You can check it out here:  It’s pretty nifty, right?


If you asked my husband his opinion about some of the business “choices” I have made in my professional career – spending 13K on a website and logo would probably be at the top of his list as one of the stupidest things I ever did.  I don’t know.  I mean, the logo is pretty rocking, right?  But, did I have to spend 13K (I keep repeating it more for effect than anything else… mainly because over the course of the four years I was actively running Where is My Guru we probably brought in less than 5k in revenue.  Stupid or a great exercise in making smarter business decisions?  I prefer the latter.

Here we are. I put this simple blog up in less than 10 minutes.  Bought my domain, threw up a cute header and viola!  I think I spent like $20 on the domain and hosting.  And, in less than 24 hours I have already received a few emails from people who are following us! #sirellisroy and I are STOKED.

This is the bare bones of how anything begins.  We don’t just suddenly show up with a book deal and a million followers – not like that is the goal here, but with any dream, idea or vision – it begins with one single step.

We don’t show up in life all complete either.  We are a work in progress, always.  But, the commitment that we can make to ourselves is that we show up.  We show up bare bones.  We show up with a little bit of lipstick and our hair brushed (if we are lucky!).  Or, we show up with the beginning of something – excited like a little kid, or my son today who repeatedly hit the keyboard over and over again shouting in complete and utter support of our continued adventure together. And, truthfully – that is all there really ever is.  We place one foot in front of the other – each step with equal enthusiasm to the last and to the next.

I hope this will grow.  I hope it turns into a snazzy site where community can gather and I can continue to post pictures of my kids, contemplate the zen of parenthood and laugh at the fact that I am trying to contemplate the zen of parenthood (and that you laugh a lot along the way, too.).  Thanks for tuning in. #365things

p.s. My husband actually doesn’t know about the new site just yet.  Mainly because I will have to hear the speech about what the hell I am planning to do with the old one.  I am sure he will find out, eventually.


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