Day 168: Magic, Music and Friendship

Day 168: It’s magical when you are able to sit with friends who understand the language of the heart. It’s even more magical when they bring musical instruments to the party.

Tonight, I am grateful for my girlfriends. I am grateful for the deep, secret heart language that we can speak to one another with just a look or for my long distance lovers – how we can heart our hearts speak through laughter and sound. I am grateful for friends who show up when I need them. Who show up with a candle to help reignite my hearts flame. Who come with tibetan singing bowls, words of encouragement, unconditional support and love. I am grateful for these circles of women who have been by my side during the changing seasons of my life. I am thankful for their open hearts who have seen my lovingly through the highs and the lows, the ups and downs, the laughter and the tears and the joy and the sorrow… and then a lot more laughter.

I am so thankful to that I can share this special time in my life with women who – because of their love for me – extend that love unconditionally and effortlessly to my son and it brings me so much happiness to know he will have all of these angels looking over him during his life. #365things


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