Day 160 – English Sausage (Rolls)

10341725_10152108571867015_1488836919620924143_nLike I mentioned the other day, there are plenty of people who post pictures of their salads and smoothies.  I like those, too.  But I also like the idea of not letting go of food that brings you comfort and reminds you of home. I know this all too well, growing up in an #Italian family.  I believe that meatball or twelve has made an appearance on #365things.

When Carl’s Mum recently visited us from England, she taught me how to make one of Carls favorite foods, her English Sausage Rolls.  I guess you could call them a fancy #piginablanket, sort of but not really.
There is a relaxed art to the way she rolls out the dough and makes her little cuts in the top to let out the steam when they are cooking.  The night she handed the recipe over to me, we were actually making over one hundred of these for a #teaparty. It was a really special time as she shared lots of memories with me of Carl growing up, moving to America, coming home to visit and now being married with a child! (that would be #sirellisroy in case you were wondering). And, how wonderful it is that making one of Carl’s favorite foods, with love, could bond us together like this.
We celebrated #FathersDay a little late as Carl was traveling last weekend.  Ellis and I served him up his Sausage Rolls this morning along with all of his Daddy Day goodies.  He was pleased and I got the #thumbsup for my first attempt.
I take great pleasure in knowing how to make the people in my life happy. I guess you could say if I had an “art” that would be it.  I seek out opportunities to make people feel special.  I love knowing what my husband or my children or my friends and family want/need to feel seen and loved. Typically I accomplish this by compassionately listening and with kind and loving words.  But, today – I served up all the love I had to the man in my life with a side of “tomato ketchup.” #jimmydean #comfortfood #marriage #happyhusband

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