Day 159 – Laundry List


I’d like to take a moment and give a shout out to all the moms who brushed their teeth today, fixed your kids breakfast, ate some breakfast, drank a cup of coffee (or tea and hot or cold does not really matter anymore… just as long as you got the juice!), cleaned up after breakfast, did laundry, managed the rest of your household, made it to the car to run errands and then got the kids out of the car however many times to actually complete your errands, made lunch for yourself and your kids, actually ate lunch, cleaned up after lunch and, well… you get my point.  These are the things that don’t actually go on a to-do list.  These are the things we need to do “before” we get to our to-do lists of dreams like say, maybe taking a yoga class this week, shaving our legs, scheduling a date night with the hubs, finishing one of about a dozen writing projects, etc. I’d like to just stand in solidarity with you – child in one arm (because we are always carrying them in one way or another aren’t we???), broom in the other (or whatever device makes you feel most powerful… I like a broom. Perhaps I am a witch.), I’d like to stand in solidarity and tell you that I SEE YOU.  I see all that you are doing to nurture and lift up your family and your life. I SEE YOU and I HONOR YOU.  I know that you have plans to do something for yourself today – and by 9pm when the last dish in the sink is done and your are too exhausted to even remember what it was you wanted to do for yourself – sleep then becomes this lavish and luxurious indulgence. I KNOW that by SEEING ONE ANOTHER we will stay strong, stay true and continue to remember the important work we are doing in the world.

In closing I’d like to also just add that babies in laundry baskets are the cutest thing ever… well, wait.. babies pushed around in the house with Mommy going “zoom zoom zoom” is also super cute and funny.  And, the laundry is still on the bed.

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